Our Vision

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Winner of the FESO “Best ROI” Award for the year 2017

Eller Professional Sales Club was established in 2013 by Sam Williams and is one of the largest Student Clubs on the Eller College of Management.

The club´s main goal is getting its members the best internships and jobs possible in their field of choice!

We are devoted to making our members successful and building their professional skills. We teach, train and coach our members on Complex Consultative Business-to-Business Sales through our 3 tracks, Professionalism, Sales, and Sales Competition Training.

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EPSC prides itself on the professionalism of our members and on the future they are building. We stand out from other collegiate clubs due to our refined skills, professional practices, innovation and camaraderie. EPSC leads all other national sales clubs into the future, utilizing new forms of technology to enhance the member experience and market their skills to potential employers.

We use Video Resumes that are available to our sponsors as well as giving our members skills to be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our members are among the most highly recruited business professionals, they use the skills gained by their experience in the club to be the most successful in their field.

We love our members and our sponsors. We invite you to connect with us on social media. Use our Contact Us page to see what we are achieving and how to get involved.

Our History 

Eller Professional Sales Club was never meant to be a run-of-the-mill student club. From the very beginning, our founders believed in the program and planned for its growth. Since its creation, EPSC planned on becoming a Sales Program, complete with its own Sales Center on the campus. The first EPSC president was MBA Michael Philpott and the first dues-paying member was Abby Cohen who served as secretary, treasurer, and webmaster. Now the club contains 20+ separate leadership positions and over 100 active members every semester. We have grown quickly because we are so successful and passionate about this program.