Cox Business Invitational


On October 14th the Eller Professional Sales Club will have members compete in the exclusive Cox Business Fall Invitational, sponsored by Cox Business.

Over forty seniors and ten juniors will take part in this competition to display their technical knowledge, professional skills, and outstanding sales training. Judges for the competition consist of over 50 sales recruiters and executives from ten different national companies. These judges will select the twenty-five best competitors to move on to the December Invitational later this year. The top three competitors from this competition will receive cash prizes of $1,500, $1,000, and $500.

The twenty-five best competitors will receive invitations to the December HPE Sales Competition. This competition will be focused around HP Enterprises and competitors have the chance to win cash prizes, offers for sales internships and full-time jobs.

All participants of the Fall Cox Business Sales Competition will learn and develop outstanding sales and professional skills and have the opportunity to take part in a real-life sales scenario. We are grateful to Cox Business for being our sponsor, and to all the recruiters and executives helping take part in this invitational.

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