In this page, we have provided a sample of some of the resources that the club provides its members.

How to create a Visume video series:

A “Visume” or Video-Resume is a 1 minute video that the EPSC´s members put together to answer the prompt: “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. These short videos help our members win their targeted internships and jobs!

How to create a “Golden Grid”:

The “Golden Grid” is a tool that helps our members analyse job descriptions. By analyzing their target job description the student is able to tailor his/her experiences to the needs of the company.

Wipeout!  The EPSC´s very own Sales Training Board Game:

This fun sales board game helps us train our members in B2B Consultative Sales in a fun, engaging and interactive way! Wipeout! was created by our Faculty Adviser, Sam Williams, EPSC members Kelly Rovi, Hannah Desanto and Juan Carlos Jimenez, and various sales executives including Derek Cushing and Christian Liebner.