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Juan Carlos Jimenez Hannah DeSanto John Winchester Julie Feikes Johnny Managbanag
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Name Email Position/Intrest/Backround Graduation
Emily Bregger     Available upon request. Inside Sales at VMware May-16
Irena Krstic Available upon request. Inside Sales at Intel Security May-16
Skyler Bell Available upon request. Parody Visume. Loves selling and surfing in San Diego! May-16
Alexis Andrews – 1 Special. Studio art minor, strong analytical skills. Well suited for technical sales. May-18
Alexis Andrews – 2 May-18
Caitlyn Barner IT tech consulting with tech sales potential. May-18
Cannon  Winkler National Collegiate Sales Competition contestant. May-18
Ed Gomberg Ed’s a sales natural from Russia. May-18
Emily Logemann B2B sales objective. May-18
Grace Mannix Interning with Intuit this summer. Available for school year PT. May-18
Hailey Erickson Consulting and B2B sales. May-18
Hannah DeSanto 2nd in command at the Sales Club. Strong technical sales potential. May-18
Juan Carlos Jimenez Juan Carlos is the Sales Club’s President interning with IBM. May-18
Katie Szymanski Hardworking and dedicated. May-18
Laura Graham Enthusiastic! Dedicated! Shows up! May-18
Collin Tawney B2B sales or marketing. 2019 – 2020
Connor Shepherd Cisco Summer Internship! Special sales talent. NCSC contestant. 2019 – 2020
Emmanuelle Tapia Sales or marketing. 2019 – 2020
Steven Edwards Lives in Tucson, top student. December 2016
Akshat Mathur B2B sales objective. May – December  2017
Alex Escamilla States communications as objective but is good material for B2B sales May – December  2017
Bailey Wheeler B2B sales. Strong student. May – December  2017
Charleigh Hammer Honors student. Strong! May – December  2017
Elena Luevano B2B sales objective. May – December  2017
Emily Jordan Emily’s from Tucson, full of energy and ambition. May – December  2017
Hannah Mickelson Strong social media skills. May – December  2017
Hollyn Forney High energy! May – December  2017
Jacob Harris B2B sales objective. May – December  2017
Jeni Schmidt Sales objective. Great personality and strong media production skills. May – December  2017
Jennifer Brousse Has sales DNA. May – December  2017
Jessica Burnett Excellent student. High energy and drive. May – December  2017
Jessica Wunder Internship in marketing / advertising. May – December  2017
John Ross Hicks Dedicated. Hard working. B2B sales objective. May – December  2017
John Winchester Strong contributor to the Sales Club in recruiting, training! May – December  2017
Jordan Price Business development objective May – December  2017
Joshua Every Has real media production talent! May – December  2017
Kelsey Findlow Comes from Tucson. Strong student. Accepted job w/ Cintas but… May – December  2017
Kira Baum Strong media skills! Great personality! May – December  2017
Paulina Metz Sales objective. May – December  2017
Priscilla Vargas Very creative. Targets the music industry. May – December  2017
Rob Wilkinson Solid. Athlete. May – December  2017
Roberto Arrizon Excellent media skills, but targets the entertainment industry. May – December  2017
Sean Connolly B2B sales objective. May – December  2017
Shannon Johnson Has raw talent, understated humor, great outtakes! May – December  2017
Tamara Estrella Has excellent media production talent, enthusiasm! May – December  2017
Teresa Gomez She a sales natural from Tucson and winner of sales competitions. May – December  2017
Travis Potuznik Education minor. Strong student. May – December  2017
Trevor Rismon V. strong performance in sales competitions. May – December  2017
Tyler Black Tyler is a sales natural. 12/17 grad. May – December  2017
Chad Bykirk B2B and B2C sales experience. May – December  2017
Esteban Dominguez Has 2 years of B2B sales experience with CDW. May – December  2017